Dance Arts Council (DAC)

What is DAC?

The Dance Arts Council is an umbrella organization that supports 12 student-run dance groups. Ranging in styles from Bellydance to Ballet to Bollywood, our groups are active, collaborative, and passionate about sharing their art on campus and beyond. As part of DAC, these groups rehearse weekly, take classes, teach workshops, collaborate across styles and mediums, design full shows, and work with other student groups on campus. Groups rehearse in beautiful spaces such as Platt Performing Arts House, Emily Sachs Dance Studio, and Harnwell Dance Gallery and perform in the Iron Gate Theater and the Annenberg Center. With opportunities to perform, lead, and connect, DAC fosters an inclusive and supportive community of talented students who shape the university each day. 

Each year, the 12 DAC groups participate in the annual Emily Sachs Dance Benefit, a meaningful service project designed to celebrate dance and raise money in memory of Emily Sachs. Emily was a beloved member of Arts House Dance Company who passed during her time at Penn due to asthma complications, and the Emily Sachs Dance Benefit has been produced for twenty-one years in her honor. All DAC groups perform in the benefit each January, and proceeds go to the Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania's Asthma Program. In 2017, DAC was able to donate over $4,000 to the program.

To get involved, visit "Who is DAC?" for more information about our 12 DAC groups. Auditions for each group normally take place at the beginning of each semester. For further information, contact the DAC Chair, Helene Chesnias, at, visit our Facebook page, and follow DAC on Instagram!