Singers, Musicians, and Comedians (SMAC)

What is SMAC?

Out of the four subdivisions of PAC, SMAC is probably the most diverse. Consisting of 13 unique groups, this subcommittee provides various opportunities to express yourself, whether through vocal performance, instrumentation, comedic repartee, or spoken word. This hodgepodge of groups creates an extraordinary community, providing a chance to learn about groups that are different from your own and perhaps become involved in new creative outlets.

While Penn Band, Penn Jazz Ensemble and Penn Sargam specialize in instrumental music, you can also find various playing opportunities in several other SMAC groups who either have their own band or require accompaniment. These groups include Mask & Wig, Bloomers, Glee Club, Penn Singers and the New Spirit of Penn Gospel Choir. If it is comedy that sparks your interest, you can perform stand-up with Simply Chaos, improv in Without a Net, or sketch with Mask & Wig or Bloomers. The Glee Club, Penn Singers, and Penn Sirens specialize in vocal theatrical performance while the New Spirit of Gospel Choir provides a more spiritual expression of vocal talent. If you still haven't found your niche, take a look at the Excelano Project, Penn's only spoken word group. If you're looking to be a part involved backstage, Mask & Wig, Bloomers, Glee Club, Penn Singers, and Penn Sirens all have an assortment of tech staffs. For more information on any of these groups, please contact the SMAC Chair, Kwaku Owusu, at, and visit our Facebook page.