Who is TAC-e?

The Theatre Arts Council consists of the following seven student theatre groups:

African American Arts AllianceThe African American Arts Alliance (4A) serves as one of the premier performing arts organizations on Penn's campus. Our mission is to promote an awareness of Black culture through the arts, specifically focusing on theatre. Learn more>
Front Row Theatre CompanyFront Row Theatre Company (FTC) is the University of Pennsylvania's only student theatre group dedicated to performing socially relevant theatre.  Learn more>
iNtuitons Experimental TheatreiNtuitons Experimental Theatre is the University of Pennsylvania's only student-run experimental theatre group. iNtuitons comes from two words: intuition and automaton. The group was chartered to "attract people with diverse artistic interests and in order to provide an outlet for creative people whose ideas are too Classical or Avant-Garde to be supported by existing groups."  Learn more>
PenNaatakPenNaatak is the University of Pennsylvania's one and only global theatre group. We aim to shine a spotlight on global contemporary society through our performances.  Learn more>
Pennsylvania PlayersThe University of Pennsylvania's only professionally-directed student theatre group! Performing a musical in the fall and a play in the spring, we aim to hire talented directors from the Philadelphia area to give our students the opportunity to learn from the pros. Learn more>
Quadramics Theatre Co.Quadramics is a student theatre company at the glorious University of Pennsylvan-i-a. Students are our directors, producers, actors, singers, band members and board. Quadramics is also the theatre group focused on enjoying life and getting the best experience possible out of running and working on a production. We are fun-loving, hardworking-more-often-than-not, ridiculous, zany people who share a passion for good times and great theatre, so come join us for the fun, madness, and, as always, the drama! Learn more>
Stimulus Children's TheatreStimulus Children's Theatre Company is the University of Pennsylvania's premier children-oriented theatre group. We perform for elementary schools, community centers, day care centers, hospitals, and elderly care facilities. We supplement our program with classroom workshops before and after each performance, in which we teach our audiences about theater.  Learn more>