Alternative Spaces

In the event there are no available venues in the Perelman Quadrangle, there are other areas on the University of Pennsylvania campus that can be reserved.  The following spaces are alternatives to previously mentioned Perelman Quadrangle spaces.  If you are interested in using or obtaining information on any of these spaces, the contact information is listed below.

Outdoor Venues:

Hamilton Village Green
(215) 898-3131
College Houses:

Various College Houses
are available for
reservation by
contacting the House
Dean for each College
Penn Museum:

Harrison Auditorium
Upper Egyptian Gallery
Lower Egyptian Gallery
Rainey Auditorium
Chinese Rotunda
The Mosaic Gallery
The Stoner Courtyard
Other Venues:

Civic House
(215) 898-4831
Greenhouse Intercultural
(215) 898-3357
Kelly Writer's House
(215) 573-9748
Annenberg Center
Zellerbach Theater
(215) 898-6688
The Palestra and
Franklin Field
(215) 898-4025
Facilities and Real
Estate Services
(215) 573-2831

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