Houston Hall
3417 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Information Desk: (215) 898-4636

Building Hours

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Note: due to construction, there is limited availability in Houston Hall from May 15th to June 15th, 2018


Built in 1896, Houston Hall is the oldest student union building in the country. Today, this historic building remains the center of campus life - a place where students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests gather for social, recreational, educational and cultural activities. After a multi-million dollar renovation project in 2000, Houston Hall looks much like it did in 1896 but with all the modern conveniences. With fourteen special event spaces, multimedia technology, a food court, and vending and retail space, Houston Hall is a conference center with character.  The building amenities include the information desk, the Houston Market, University Copy Service, Paris Cafe Creperie, and Insomnia Cookies.  The rooms within Houston Hall that you may reserve are listed below.


HH100 Bodek Lounge


HH106 Reading Room


HH110 Main Lobby


HH116 Bistro


HHG26 & HH120 Hall of Flags


HH217 Bishop White Meeting Room


HH218 Ben Franklin
Meeting Room


HH223 Golkin Meeting Room


HH225 Brachfeld Meeting Room


HH227 Second Floor Lobby



HH230 Class of '49 Auditorium

HH236 Platt Rehearsal Room



HH301 Rein Family Meeting Room

HH311 Griski Meeting Room


HH313 Morris Seitz Meeting Room


HH314 Class of '47 Meeting Room 

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