Platt Student Performing Arts House offers a supportive programmatic home for creative exploration and expression. We advise and train students pursuing their extra-curricular passions for the performing arts and those preparing for a career in the arts. Platt Student Performing Arts House is named for 1979 graduates Marc E. and Julie Beren Platt. 

Make a Gift!

Current donations will go to rehearsal room improvements unless otherwise specified. This includes sound absorption, moveable dance floors, new pianos, and portable mirrors. We thank you so much for your generous support of our students! 

Platt House Hours for Finals & Winter Break

  • Sunday, 12/9-Thursday, 12/13: 10am-2am
  • Friday, 12/14 & Saturday, 12/15: 10am-10pm
  • Sunday, 12/16-Tuesday, 12/18: 10am-2am
  • Wednesday, 12/19 & Thursday, 12/20: 10am-midnight
  • Saturday, 12/21-Tuesday, 1/1: CLOSED
  • Wednesday, 1/2: Resume Regular Hours

Home to Student Performing & Visual Arts Groups and More!

Platt House Fall 2018 Hours of Operation

  • Sunday- Thursday: 10am - midnight
  • Friday: 10am-8pm (10pm, if no event)
  • Saturday: 10am-6pm (8pm, if no event)

DACA and Undocumented Student Resources

For more information, please visit DACA and Undocumented Student Resources