Charity Performances

The Emily Sachs Dance Benefit (each January).  The night is a tribute to a talented performer who lit the stage with charisma, beauty and grace. Emily Sachs was an accomplished lyrical, modern and ballet dancer whose awards included Miss Dance of New York City (1994), Miss Dance of Pennsylvania (1992) and Teen Miss Dance of New York City (1991). More than being a wonderful dancer, Emily was also a wonderful person, friendly, warm-hearted and genuine to everyone she knew. It is in her memory and in the spirit of promoting community among dancers and choreographers at Penn that virtually the entire Penn dance community gathers to celebrate the legacy of her character through the art of dance. Proceeds from the show support asthma research, the disease that took Emily from us. For more information, contact the Dance Chair at

Charitable Laughter (each fall). This event is organized and run by Penn's various comedy troupes, who perform selected sketches and stand-up routines for the student body. The proceeds from the performance each year are donated to a charity chosen by the groups performing.

There are a number of student organizations on Penn's Campus that combine performing arts with civic part of their mission, they include:

Front Row Theatre
Stimulus Children's Theatre
Sparks Dance Company
Penn Music Mentors
City Step
Penn Art Club

On Campus Partners who specialize in civic engagement are: The Netter Center for Community Partnerships and The Civic House.

For more information about this or other community service initiatives you can also contact the Performing Arts Council Community Service Chairperson.