Supporting Students

If a student discloses an incident of sexual violence, relationship violence, or stalking the University has an obligation to offer the student support and to inform them of resources and reporting options. Many faculty and staff members on campus are considered Responsible Employees under Title IX, and CSA's under the Clery Act, which means they have an obligation to inform certain offices if they know about an incident. The Penn Violence Prevention program, in partnership with various offices around campus, can offer trainings and workshops to inform staff and faculty of these obligations and to prepare them to best support students.

For more information about the Clery Act & Crime Reporting visit the Division of Public Safety website, or contact them at: 215.898.7515
For more information about Title IX visit the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity Program website, or contact them at: 215.898.6993

 Guidance on how to help a student who has experienced interpersonal violence.

Penn Sexual Violence & Title IX: A Resource Guide for Penn Faculty Members

Sexual Violence Reporting: A Short Guide for Faculty

Resources for Staff and Faculty Who Have Experienced Violence or Harassment

Special Services Unit in the Division of Public Safety (CONFIDENTIAL)
4040 Chestnut Street
24 Hour Helpline: 215.898.6600
Special Services offers comprehensive victim support for any member of the University community who had been a victim of interpersonal violence. Special Services has advocates on call 24-hours a day that can provide options counseling, hospital and court accompaniment, and take formal police reports. Special Services is a confidential unit and can provide support for students, staff, and faculty who wish to remain anonymous. 

Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs
3600 Chestnut Street, Sansom Place East, Suite 228
Tel: 215.898.6993
Faculty, staff, and students who believe that they, or someone they know, has been sexually harassed or discriminated against may file a complaint with the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs.  OAA/EOP can assist with informal resolution or may pursue formal action. Formal action is initiated by filing a written complaint with OAA/EOP. They will investigate the complaint and will take appropriate action. OAA/EOP also provides training for Penn faculty and staff on sexual harassment and other issues related to affirmative action, equal opportunity and diversity.

3901 Walnut St., Suite 320
Tel: 215.898.2887
SVIO is responsible for managing and investigating complaints against Penn faculty, instructional staff, and enrolled Penn students alleging violations of the University's Sexual Violence, Relationship Violence and Stalking policy.  Throughout the disciplinary process, the Office of the Sexual Violence Investigative Officer ensures that those making complaints and those responding to complaints are treated fairly and respectfully.

Staff and Faculty Programs


A team of Penn staff members are available to provide informative trainings and workshops to individual departments across campus. These workshops can focus on a variety of topics ranging from institutional obligations in responding to sexual violence on campus, to how to be an active bystander as an administrator.

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The PVP committee is made up of over 50 faculty and staff members who meet bi-annually to review the past, present, and upcoming programs offered under PVP. Committee members act as campus advocates against violence and often make up working groups to help inform future efforts. The committee has continued to see remarkable growth and interest campus wide.


Now in its 10th year, the AVA training is designed to educate Penn staff and faculty on the dynamics of relationship violence, sexual violence, and stalking and the resources available on campus so they can better advise and support students. The training will include interactive workshops and expert presenters from campus and beyond. Individuals who complete the training can choose to then be identified as AVAs so that students know where they can find effective and safe support. However, completing this training does not make you a confidential resource for students.

The next AVA training will in June 2019. Space is limited and registration will close once filled. Registrants must be able to attend all 16 hours of training which will include lunch daily, beverages and snacks. Registration will open in Spring 2019.

Please contact Jessica Mertz, Director of Sexual Violence Prevention & Education, with questions or concerns at

 Current AVAs