Class of 2019 Penn World Scholars

Name: Adamseged Abebe

Country: Ethiopia

Academic areas of interest : Biology, chemistry, African studies, politics, and medicine.

Activities and interests: Student government, Ethiopian/African dance, soccer, and community service

Future plans: To be a doctor, Ethiopian prime minister, fix social and economical problems, and improve the African educational system.

: Muhammad Mustafa Amjad

Country: Pakistan

Academic areas of interest: Economics, politics, and computer science.

Activities and interests: Parliamentary debates, Model United Nations, community service, entrepreneurship, and  traveling.

Future plans: I would like to contribute to the socioeconomic development of Pakistan and make a career out of my interest in technology and entrepreneurship.

Name: Rafael Castro

Country: El Salvador

Academic areas of interest: Computer science, cognitive science, and entrepreneurship.

Activities and interests: I am interested in technology in general, debating, public speaking, programming, and running.

Future plans: I want to start my own tech company while at Penn or afterwards.

Name: Yiyi Chen

Country: China

Academic areas of interest: Health & societies, economics, language, and history.

Activities and interests: Traveling, learning about different cultures, reading, volunteering, and community service.

Future plans: For now I am thinking of pursuing a career in the healthcare industry.  Regardless of which career path I choose, I hope to contribute to society in a positive way.

Name: Paulina Destarac

Country: Guatemala

Academic areas of interest: Physics/astrophysics, math, philosophy, and literature.

Activities and interests: I love dancing, hiking, reading, singing, photography, and volunteering.

Future plans: I plan to pursue a postgraduate degree in astrophysics and conduct my own research.

Name: Andre Hamra

Country: Brazil

Academic areas of interest: Management, entrepreneurship, finance, economics, social impact & responsibility, and philosophy.

Activities and interests: Business reading, volunteer work, social entrepreneurship, writing, tutoring, student government, and soccer.

Future plans: I want to be a world reference in the business area in which I choose to work, be it management, finance, or entrepreneurship.  In the long run, I intend to be an important benefactor of Brazil with regards to improving the life quality of people, especially through education.  Finally, I plan to leave a positive legacy for my country; generating succession, influencing people, and building something eternal.

Name: Gary Li

Country: Canada

Academic areas of interest: Economics, marketing, international studies, and politics.

Activities and interests: Swimming, singing, playing the clarinet, student government, volunteering in music therapy and music education, French studies, honing skills related to entrepreneurship, and of course, Netflix!

Future plans: Venturing in public policy or social enterprise, and exploring every continent across the globe.

Name: Shadrack Lilan

Country: Kenya

Academic areas of interest: Chemical/biomolecular engineering and economics.

Activities and interests: Soccer, field hockey, jogging, movies, hiking, random trips, community service, and cycling.

Future plans: To work across the globe.  Once I have amassesd enough skills, experience, and resources, I will return to my home country (Kenya) and try my best to bring some economic change to my nation.

Name: Trang Luu

Country: Vietnam

Academic areas of interest: English and theatre arts.

Activities and interests: Drama, community service, reading, writing, Western riding, tutoring, and Benjamin Franklin Scholars.

Future plans: I hope to pursue a career in academia or go into publishing.

Name: Vanessa Makuvaro

Country: Zimbabwe

Academic areas of interest: Computer engineering, communication systems, philosophy.

Activities and interests: Baking, tennis, outdoor obstacle courses, community service, debate, alternative and folk music.

Future plans: Software engineering, entrepreneurship, and the development of educational support technologies for Zimbabwe and similar countries.

Name: Mia Mansour

Country : France/Lebanon

Academic areas of interest: Mechanical engineering, applied mechanics, physics, business/economics, and crimonology.

Activities and interests: Serving social justice and fully engaging in my community, painting (especially with oil), Choral Arts, swimming, Model United Nations and other debate opportunities, kayaking/mountaineering/hiking/biking and outdoor activities, student government, and creative writing.

Future plans: Engaging in space exploration and the aircraft industry (while continuing to draw, sing, and research physics), contributing to women's leadership in science and technology, bridging the gap between socially and economically diverse groups.

Name: Santiago Pereira

Country: Uruguay

Academic areas of interest: Business, international relations, entrepreneurship, management, politics, and media.

Activities and interests: Entertainment (TV, movies, books), event organization, Model UN, musical theatre, and writing.

Future plans: I would eventually desire to manage my own business, but other professional interests are international politics, campaign management, and the entertainment, retail, and technological industries.

Name: Priyanshi Pokharna

Country: India

Academic areas of interest: Architecture, economics, and entrepreneurship.

Activities and interests: Painting and other forms of visual art, community service (teaching underprivileged children), Model UN, exploring music across genres, writing and reading poetry (especially Mary Oliver's), jogging, solving puzzles, and designing Android apps.

Future plans: To be a socially and environmentally conscious entrepreneur, excel in my field and contribute to research in sustainable architecture.

Name: Andre Rappaccioli

Country: Nicaragua

Academic areas of interest: Systems engineering, actuarial mathematics, computer science, and entrepreneurship.

Activities and Interests: Technology, debate, travel, entrepreneurship, social activism, politics, and student involvement.

Future plans: Create and manage a transitional consulting company that contributes to the social and economic development of Nicaragua. Eventaully get involved in Nicaraguan politics.

Name: Saku Rimali

Country: Finland

Academic areas of interest: Engineering, physics, economics, and business.

Activities and interests: Running, sports, piano, music, hiking, traveling, and technology.

Future plans: To develop and commercialize cutting-edge technology fighting global issues.

Name: Halima Said

Country: Kenya

Academic areas of interest: Business and international studies.

Activities and interests: Swimming, reading, cooking, 1950's jazz music, and community service.

Future plans: Start a socially responsible agribusiness which will empower the small scale farmers of sub-Saharan Africa, and become the Secretary General of the United Nations.

Name: Shane Shearman

Country: Trinidad & Tobago

Academic areas of interest: Engineering, math, physics, history, and political science.

Activities and interests: Music, playing steel pan (national instrument), education, soccer, and karate.

Future plans: Education, scientific research, entrepreneurship, and magnanimity.

Name: Elen Bianca Souza

Country: Brazil

Academic areas of interest: Business, engineering, and language.

Activities and interests: Sports (particularly volleyball and soccer), community service, and traveling.

Future plans: Through social entrepreneurship, promote equality and improve people's lives in Brazil and worldwide.

Name: Sandra Urusaro

Country: Rwanda

Academic areas of interest: I am very passionate about the access of primary care to poor people. I will study nursing in Oncology since Oncology is a new department and I aspire to continue to medical school.

Activities and interests: I like to volunteer in hospitals, reading, tennis, singing, and tutoring.

Future plans: I aspire to return to Rwanda and contribute to the healthcare system of my country with equity as the goal.

Name: Orhan Efe Yavuz

Country: Turkey

Academic areas of interest: Physics, aerospace engineering, astrophysics, math, quantum physics, and computer science.

Activities and interests: Co-founder at a youth astronomy society in Turkey, stargazing, professional astronomy observation research, snooker, robotics, computational physics.

Future plans: Working as a rocket scientist/aerospance engineer at a space exploration company/organization to make mankind a multi planetary species. Start a research institute for astrophysics, robotics, and synthetic biology.