A safe space

RAP strives to give students a safe, comfortable, and judgement-free space to speak (or write) about anything.  We understand that sometimes, you just need a person to talk to-- but also that it sometimes can be difficult.  We hope to be an easy and accesible option for any student with any problem.  Our listeners are well-trained and will always give objective, undivided attention.  No problem is too large OR too small to call us about, and you can talk as little or as long as you'd like.  RAPLine wants to ensure that no student has to face anything alone, and always has someone who will really listen.


All calls and letters to RAPLine are completely anonymous.  You will never be asked to give identifying information, or share anything that makes you uncomfortable.  Submitting and receiving letters happens through the website without needing to use a personal email or a pennkey.


All calls and letters to RAPLine are completely confidential.  Listeners pledge to confidentiality upon joining the line, and take their roles seriously.  Even the most sensitive concerns can be discussed safely and will never be shared.  Exceptions apply only for extreme circumstances.

Trained and Informed

Our dedicated volunteers complete a full semester (40 hours) of training before becoming listeners.  This includes active listening skills, social problem solving strategies, and working with all of the other resources on campus, such as CAPS, Weingarten, and many more.  Listeners are well informed about campus resources, what they can provide to you, and how to contact them.  We are equipped to handle any situation, in addition to being able to direct students to other resources that may be of use to them.