What Is Leadership?

While some people may innately possess leadership instincts and abilities, we believe that leadership is a skill which can be developed by all.  As such, we believe the following are important to keep in mind when considering your own leadership development:

  • Leadership is not static. It can be developed over a lifetime, presenting a variety of challenges and opportunities along the way.
  • Many forms of leadership exist.  There is no limit to the number of styles a person may adopt.
  • Meaningful interaction with those different than oneself enhances one's ability to lead in an increasingly diverse society.
  • Student organizations are excellent environments in which to learn and practice leadership skills.
  • These are lifelong skills which are transferable to your relationships, careers and active citizenship at Penn and beyond.

Use this website as a tool to identify opportunities and resources which can aid in your own personal growth, as well as that of your student organization.