There are many elements which contribute to "leadership".  Below are a vareity of topics which will help you better identify the ways in which you or your group can grow your leadership skills.  When you expand a topic, a list of Penn staff and faculty with expertise in that area will appear.  You are welcome to contact those individuals directly to set up further consulting and training opportunities.

If you are looking for assistance on a topic which is not listed, please contact us and we will do our best to connect you with an appropriate campus resource. 

Assessing/Evaluating Organizational Effectiveness
Active Listening/Assertiveness Training
Bridging the gap between campus and community organizations
Building Coalitions and Communities
Career DevelopmentBarabara Hewitt (Career Services)
Rosette Pyne (Career Services)
Claire Klieger (Career Services)
Conflict Mangement & Resolution
Creating a Vision for your Organization
Creative Problem Solving
Developing Trust
Effective Prioritization and Action Planning
Ethical Leadership

Evaluating Leadership
Event Planning at PennLaura Carney (Perelman Quadrangle)
Goal Setting & Action Planning
Group Dynamics
Group Problem Solving
Jewish Awareness (Education, Values and Sensitivity)Rachel Hollander (Hillel)
Leadership Styles & Experiences
Leadership & Technology
Leadership Theory
Leading Diverse Organizations
Leading Values Based Organizations
Leading with Integrity and Moral Purpose
Managing Financial Resources
Multicultural Engagement (Diversity, Inclusion and Awareness)Shiella Cervantes (Pan Asian American Community House)
Marlena Reese (Makuu Black Cultural Center)
Patty Mendoza (La Casa Latina)
Leadership Style Instruments - MBTI, StrengthsQuest, etc.  

Oral and Written Communication Skills
Organizational Change
Organizational Communication
Organizational Culture, Values, & Principles
Organizational Politics
Parliamentary Procedures
Personal Development

Power & Empowerment
Public and Media Relations
Risk Management/Harm Reduction
Risk Taking
Shared Leadership
Stereotypes at Penn
  • Troy Majnerick (Office of New Student Orientation and Academic Initiatives)
Student health related issues and programming
Supervising Others
Team Building
Values Clarification
Visionary Leadership