Room Reservation

Room Reservation

Event Information and Room Request

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Billing Information

Student groups are not billed for rooms and chairs during hours of operation. Other charges for equipment may apply and must be paid in advance. All other entities will be charged for use of space, including University of Pennsylvania staff and faculty.

All charges must be paid one week in advance for University affiliates, two weeks in advance for non-university affiliated individuals and organizations. Some events may require a deposit.

Note: Credit Cards NOT accepted

Food and Beverages

There are no restrictions on catering , but food and beverages are not permitted in the Reading Room. You are to be responsible for your own clean-up and trash removal.
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Clients hosting events with alcohol have additional responsibilities.

The federal and state law prohibits the sale, directly or indirectly, of alcohol unless by a licensed vendor.

All undergraduate students and student organizations will be required to discuss and register the event with Office of Alcohol Policy Initiatives at 215- 573-3525.

No oversized or common source containers of any sort [including but not limited to kegs, punchbowls, beer balls, party balls] are permitted at any undergraduate on-campus party.

Audio Visual Equipment Request - Must be reserved in advance of event

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Other Equipment Request

The Multimedia System is included in the cost of the Goodhand Room rental fee.

Event Advertising

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Rules and Obligations

Please review the Carriage House Facility Reservation Policy for complete rules and regulations regarding facility usage.
  1. Completing this form does not create a reservation for, nor does it constitute the Center's approval or confirmation of requested event services until all portions of this form have been completed, and written confirmation has been received from the reservation coordinator.
  2. Payment must be made in full by the due date invoiced, prior to the date of the event or your event will be cancelled and any deposits will not be refundable.
  3. Organization is responsible for any damage to the facility incurred during your event.
  4. Organization is are responsible for the returning the room to its original state.
  5. Organization must remove trash bags containing food from the building and place them in the dumpster behind the building. The kitchen must be cleaned after use.
  6. Organization must be prepared to leave the space at the end of your reserved time.
  7. If special event services are deemed necessary and assigned by the Center, or if details of the event are altered by the Organization at any time, the Center has the right to reassign space or to cancel the original reservation.
  8. If rules are violated, Center staff reserve the right not to accept an individual's or organization's future request for room reservations.
  9. Organization must comply with all applicable Center and University policies, procedures, rules and regulations including, but not limited to, the University policies regarding the Use of Alcohol and Drugs, Non-Discrimination, Classroom Guidelines, Use of Facilities, Open Expression Guidelines, and Code of Student Conduct.
  10. If you cancel your event, please notify the Center. If it is not canceled 48 hours or more prior to its proposed start time, you will be billed the full event amount.
Questions? Please call (215) 898-5044, or stop by 3907 Spruce St. during business hours.


The LGBT Center is not a full service catering hall. Although we will be happy to assist you in any way we can, please speak to one of our staff members or visit the Center to insure our facilities will meet your needs. During your event one of our trained staff members will be here to answer questions.