Self-ID Form

Self-ID Form

Student Disabilities Services (SDS) serves as a resource for students with disabilities. If you have a disability and wish to self-identify, please complete and return this form to the address below. Completion of this form is voluntary and completion or non-completion will not adversely affect participation in educational programs and activities. This information is confidential and will be shared only with appropriate University officials to assure compliance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act as Amended 2008.

Submission of this form is the first step in the self-identification process. In addition, you will need to submit documentation of your disability and schedule a meeting (in person or via phone), as part of the collaborative process in determining your eligibility for accommodations. We will provide you with a written determination via e-mail of your eligibility for accommodations after we have received all necessary documentation and you have participated in our collaborative process.

Documentation guidelines can be found on the SDS website

Please allow four to six weeks for the collaborative process to be completed.