Instructor/Director Information

We are happy to help you in obtaining professional services of professional instructors, writers, musicians, and directors. Please submit this form to request the hiring of instructors or temporary directors. Forms should be submitted at least 6 weeks in advance of the instructor's first lesson or rehearsal appearance. If they are not, it will delay the instructors start date and first pay check.

  • Instructors and directors are hired by the University with Laurie McCall as the representative. Therefore, they must be informed that technically they work for Penn and the Director of Platt Student Performing Arts House, even though your SAC budget pays for their work.
  • It is very difficult to hire non-citizens, if your desired instructor/director is not a citizen it
    1. will take much longer to process paperwork.
    2. may not happen.
  • We reserve the right to deny hire of instructor or to fire them at any time. (PA is an at will employer state making it completely legal to fire someone).
  • Once you fill out the form, Platt House staff will send a contract (once it is approved by the Department of Purchasing) and some forms directly to the proposed instructor they must return the forms to us within 10 days.
  • They cannot do ANY work without a signed letter of agreement.
  • You are responsible for supervising the process by following up and making sure they complete their forms on time.
  • Student performing groups under the advisement of Platt House have been granted waiver that our instructors do not require liability insurance like others at Penn. However, there is a stipulation: they must never be work alone with one student in a room. There must always be more than one student at all times.
  • Payment occurs up to 6 weeks from the date of the returned contract.
  • Please be aware of professional protocol at all times. If you feel that your instructor is acting inappropriately, please report it to Platt House Staff immediately.

Please check your math to ensure the total stipend is correct