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Our cakes are great for students' birthdays, holidays, or any occasion. We deliver these cakes directly to students' doors. There are a variety of flavors for both cakes and icings, including cookies cakes and cupcake pull-apart cakes. A party pack of napkins, plates, and plastic forks can also be purchased. Cakes can be delivered any Monday-Friday from 10am to 5pm when school is in session. You must order at least 5 days in advance to ensure that the cake will be delivered on time. 

The first day for cake deliveries for the Fall 2019 semester will be August 27th. 

 Order cakes here! 

By ordering a cake, you are agreeing to our cake delivery policy at the bottom of this page. 

Care Packages

We are excited to announce our brand new care package program for the 2018-19 school year! Please go to UPENN.OCM.COM/carepackages to explore our new options and place your order!

These packages are hand delivered by PSA employees to students' doors. We do deliver off campus, but they will be direct shipped to the off campus address. 

Orders must be placed online by the posted Final Order Date. Any orders placed after that will still be delivered, but are not guaranteed to be hand delivered to students rooms. Late orders will be direct shipped to dormitory package rooms. 

Order Deadlines and Delivery Dates:

Welcome Package:

Order Deadline - 8/16/19

Delivery - 8/31/19


Order Deadline - 10/11/19

Delivery - 10/30/19

Fall Finals:

Order Deadline - 11/21/19

Delivery - 12/7/19

OCM Care Package

Valentine's Day:

Deadline - 1/27/20

Delivery - 2/13/20

St. Patrick's Day:

Deadline - 2/28/20

Delivery - 3/17/20

Spring Finals:

Deadline - 4/8/20

Delivery - 4/25/20

By ordering a care package, you are agreeing to our care package delivery policy below.

Comfort Care Packages

These packages are delivered directly to your student's door within 24 hours of order! Note that we do NOT do weekend deliveries. Any orders placed Friday-Sunday will be delivered on Monday. 

Comfort Care Package

Comfort Care Package

Send a bit of comfort when your student is feeling under the weather. These packages are delivered directly to your student's door within 24 hours of order! They come equipped with cough drops, earplugs, facial tissues, hand sanitizer packets, Emergen-C, Chamomile Citrus tea, Ginger Twist tea, lip balm, Advil, and a motivating message from Penn Student Agencies!

Care Package Delivery Policy:

Care packages are hand-delivered to students' doors in the mornings on the above dates. The care packages are left directly outside of the room, or on the porch for off-campus locations. Any issues with care package deliveries must be reported within a week of the delivery. 

Cake Delivery Policy:

Cake deliveries will occur between 10 AM - 5 PM. Time frame suggestions can be made on the order form, but are not guaranteed. We are an entirely student-run service and thus must work around class schedules. If an incorrect residence hall/room number/address is provided, we cannot guarantee on-time delivery. Please check with your student before submitting this information. Employees take the cake directly to the student's room and knock on the door. If there is no answer, the cake is left outside of the room. If your student is in an apartment, please provide a phone number so that we may coordinate with them. If no number is provided, the cake will either be left on the porch, in the apartment office, or if neither of those options are possible it will not be delivered. Note that we do not coordinate with students in residence halls, but will text them an estimated delivery time and a notice of delivery if a phone number is provided.