Publicity Service

If you would like to request our poster service, please fill out a request form here. Please note that a request form must be submited at least 5 business days before the posters will be delivered to our office and we allow 10 business days to have the posters hung.

Pricing and Policies for  Flyers and Posters

  • PSA Promotional Programs has a policy of not posting all of the posters at once, but rather they will be distributed over a period of time. This will ensure the maximum amount of people will see your advertisements over a longer period of time before your event.
  • Flyers and posters are $1 each, and they can be distributed in the places listed below.
  • We need at least 5 business days advance notice for poster and flyer requests.

Posting Locations

Full Campus advertising | $ 300 for 300 posters (this includes all of the general college buildings and specialty buildings listed below)

Huntsman Hall

  • Bulletin board on the F floor next to the printers
  • Bulletin board on the 3rd floor

McNeil Building

  • 3 Bulletin boards on the first floor (2 next to the elevator, 1 in the hallway to the Economics department

Solomon Labs

  • Floors C-E have bulletin boards next to elevators and in the middle of each hallway

Stiteler Hall

  • Student Lounge on the basement floor


  • Near back entrance

Grad School Lounge

  • Cafeteria

ARCH Building

  • Lower floor bulletin board by the stairs

Steinberg-Dietrich Hall

  • Downstairs entrance
  • Upstairs entrance

Locust Walk Stations

  • 1 postering station outside Huntsman in front of the School of Public Policy
  • 1 postering station in front of Annenberg
  • 1 postering station in front of Meyerson

Williams Hall

  • Bulletin boards on Plaza level next to Williams Cafe

Claudia Cohen Hall

  • Bulletin boards on second and third floors

College Hall

  • Stairwells on first floor

Houston Hall

  • First floor near the front desk
  • Bulletin board on second floor outside the Office of the Chaplain
  • Bulletin boards on third floor

Irvine Auditorium


  • Bulletin boards next to classrooms on each floor except first floor
  • Bulletin boards at each stairwell door


  • Bulletin boards throughout each floor, except fourth floor

Meyerson Hall

  • Bulletin board on first floor near Lecture Hall B6

The Quad

  • 4 bulletin boards throughout open area inside the gates

New College House

  • 1st floor bulletin board

Hill College House

  • First floor poster secton on the left side of the entrance

Harrison College House

  • Bulletin boards outside of rooftop lounge

Rodin College House

  • Bulletin boards outside of rooftop lounge

Harnwell College House

  • Bulletin boards outside of rooftop lounge

LGBT Center

  • 3 common spaces

Other Publicity Options and Services

Laundry Bag Inserts

  • In addition to general posters, we can make smaller inserts that fit into the laundry bags that are produced by Penn Student Agencies.
  • These are priced at $5 each because they reach a more specific segment of Penn students and there is a 100% guarantee that the students who receive laundry services and care packages from PSA will see the inserts
  • Roughly 50 laundry bags are sent out a week

We can design advertisements for your company through Penn Student Design

To request services, please fill out a request form here. Please allow at least 10 days between the time we recieve the posters and the deadline you would like us to distribute them by, so we can maximize their visibility on campus.

Full  Campus Poster Service

Full Campus Poster Service

300 posters distibuted all over Penn's Campus.  Posters must be provided and a request form filled out in order to process.