Schedule an Appointment

Our address is 3535 Market Street, Suite 100, at the corner of 36th & Market Streets. For more instructions on how to get here, please go here.

Making an Appointment by web:
The Student Health Service (SHS) has integrated online scheduling for certain appointments including primary care, women's health, immunizations and health and wellness appointments. Travel appointments should be scheduled by phone. If you would like to schedule an appointment online click here to access the SHS Student Portal.

Making an Appointment by phone:
To schedule an appointment to see a provider call (215) 746-3535. We will try to accommodate you with the next available appointment whenever possible. In some instances, you will be able to schedule an appointment for the same day. If you have an urgent problem and need special arrangements for care, a nurse may help to arrange for an appropriate evaluation.  

Making an Appointment in person:
If you choose not to use online or phone scheduling, you may also come directly to SHS to make an appointment. You will be offered any same-day appointments that are available. If there are no same-day appointments we will offer you the next available that works with your schedule. If you have an urgent issue we truly try our best to have you seen as soon as possible. Sometimes patients will have a nurse evaluate them to provide care while they wait until the next available provider appointment (could be later that day or the next day).

Checking in for an Appointment:
If you already have an appointment, you can check in at the computer kiosk using your Penn card upon entering the SHS suite, or check-in with the front-desk receptionist. Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to best ensure you will be seen on time.

NOTE:  SHS is located on the 1st floor of the building at 3535 Market Street.  You will need to use the elevator as we are not accessible to students via the stairs. For more information on how to get to us, go here.

In Case of an Emergency:
See below for details.

What if you need help when SHS is closed?

For clerical and administrative needs, please contact our office during regular business hours, or send us a secure message through the patient portal. If you have an urgent medical need, you have several options. But first, be sure to check the home page on our website to see if we are in fact open! SHS often keeps our doors open in evenings, on Saturdays, and even during holidays when the rest of the University is closed. If we are indeed closed, here are your options:

Urgent Medical Needs:

  • Make an online appointment for the next business day. If your problem is not sever and you just want to make sure you are evaluated soon, you can log into our patient portal at any hour and request an appointment for a sick visit with a Primary Care provider at SHS. Click here to access the patient portal.
  • Call SHS for advice. We always have a person who is on call to address urgent medical questions. For example, if you are not sure whether your symptoms should warrant an immediate visit to the Emergency Department of the hospital, the SHS on-call provider can help you figure out what to do. Simply call our main phone number (215) 746-3535 and ask the operator to give your information to the Student Health on-call provider. You should provide your name, date of birth, and call-back phone number. The SHS on-call provider will get back to you soon.

  • Visit a local Urgent Care Center. There are several options in Philadelphia (you can search online for them), and their hours vary. Remember that you and your health insurance plan are responsible for any costs related to this care. Following are some examples, but listing them here does not imply endorsement of the services provided there:
  • Visit the Emergency Department (ED) of a local hospital. Also, known as the "Emergency Room", this is where patients can be evaluated and possibly admitted into the hospital for more intensive treatment. Remember that you and your health insurance plan are responsible for any costs related to this care. Emergency Departments should not be used for mild conditions that can wait until SHS re-opens for business. We recommend one of the following Emergency Departments:
    • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) - 34th and Spruce Streets (entrance just south of Spruce)
    • Penn Presbyterian Medical Center (PPMC) - 38th Street and Powelton Avenue (just north of Market)
    • Pennsylvania Hospital (PAH) - 800 Spruce Street (Center City)

True Medical Emergency:  If you are having a life-threatening emergency you should immediately go to the Emergency Department or call for emergency assistance...

  • From a campus phone, call 5-1-1 and tell them you have a medical emergency. Public Safety will dispatch an Ambulance and may also call the Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) to help, since MERT can often get to you faster than the ambulance.
  • From off-campus but nearby, call 215-573-3333 and tell them you have a medical emergency. Penn Public Safety will dispatch an Ambulance.
  • From anywhere else in the USA, dial 9-1-1 and tell them you have a medical emergency.
  • Remember that you and your health insurance plan are responsible for any costs related to this care.