What happens at Sex Camp stays at Sex Camp...sort of.

On Friday, February 15 almost 200 students turned out to learn about sexual health from a program provided by Penn's Campus Health team and sponsored by the Interfraternity Council (IFC). First on the roster were refreshments (who doesn't love snacks?) and condoms (For free. Lots of them). Students then formed groups and visited six tables, each manned by a sexpert! Topics covered included proper condom utilization, STI prevention, contraception, men's health, alcohol and consent, and abstinence as an option. Last was a presentation with University Chaplain Chaz Howard. Chaz talked about relationships and the foreign (to college students anyway) topic of "dating." (For those not in the know, dating is where two people spend time alone together doing some previously decided upon activity!) The tables were manned by sexperts Erin Taylor, SHS Health Counselor, Ashlee Halbritter, CH Health Educator, Deb Mathis, SHS Women's Health Administrative Chief, Dr. David Malebranche, SHS provider, Noelle Melartin, Assistant Director of AOD, Nina Harris of the Penn Women's Center, and Steve Kocher, Penn Associate Chaplain.

Student Feedback: "As an inexperienced sex camper, I was impressed at the useful information I gleaned from every table. Who knew learning about sex could be entertaining, fun, and NOT awkward!? Despite our very different sexual backgrounds, I shared these sentiments with my fellow sex campers!"

Sex Camp highlights, courtesy of Campus Health's Twitter account.

Sex Camp highlights, courtesy of Campus Health's Twitter account. Follow us @HealthyPenn!

"That was fun, I liked that table!"
- female sex camper after the men's health table tent!

"Part of being mindful about your sexuality is asking yourself what YOU really want"
- Chaz Howard, University Chaplain

"Morning wood happens to guys like every morning? Wow!"
- sex camper

"What's the most common symptom of an STD?... *silence*... nothing!" (insert shocked sex campers)
- Ashlee Halbritter, CH Health Educator

"Are all holes that big? That's impossible!"
- sex camper after looking at a cross-section of the female reproductive system

"A hard on requires four parts: brain, hormones, nerves, and blood vessels"
- Dr. David Malebranche, SH Provider

About the sponge for contraception: "Please don't flush it, it will come back to haunt you!"
- Deb Mathis, MSN

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