Request a Be Well Workshop 

Request a workshop led by SHS's Health and Wellness Educator, Sandi Herman. Sandi has designed an individualized workshop on meditation, stress reduction, mindfulness, and relaxation. Through these workshops, students can learn techniques for reducing stress and managing it's effects. 

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Health Promotion and Education

Come to the Weekly Guided Meditation sessions with Sandi Herman (FREE for all Penn students and requires no prior experience)! The weekly events are listed below*. For more about Sandi Herman and meditation, click here!

*Please note that weekly meditation sessions on Thursdays at the Graduate Student Center (12-1pm) will not begin until 1/25/18.



Disease Prevention

Sandi Herman Workshops and Other Resources: Sandi has 30 years of experience in the fields of social work and health education. Since 2007, she has conducted individual wellness sessions and workshops in stress reduction and smoking cessation for Penn students. Interested in learning more?

Depression & Anxiety: Visit the Campus Health Depression & Anxiety page for more information on how to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder and more information regarding depression and anxiety. The UA's wellness guide and accompanying one-pager offer additional support by listing resources available to you on campus.

Sleep Hygiene: Researchers agree that sleep impacts cognitive abilities such as information processing, learning and memory consolidation while helping your immune system function and reducing stress levels. Learn tips to improve your quality of sleep.