Request a Sex Well Workshop 

This workshop turns a difficult and sometimes uncomfortable topic of conversation into a fun game! This version of Jeopardy covers various sexual health topics, including contraception, condoms, STDs, HIV/AIDS, and random sexual health trivia.

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Health Promotion and Education

Campus Health strives to help Penn students understand, and be proactive in, their sexual wellness. Some of our programs include Sex Jeopardy and our annual Sex Camp. If you're interested in hosting one of these programs for your college house, your student group, or just your friends, contact us using the button at the bottom of the page!

Check out our Sex Camp FAQ for more information about sexual wellness!

Disease Prevention

Have you heard? Condoms are now available for FREE at Student Health. No appointment neccessary-- head to SHS and "Just Ask" to see the cashier. For more information about our new condom distribution policy, please click here.

Health Policy

The University of Pennsylvania seeks to foster a safe and healthy environment for all members of our community.  The Penn Women's Center and Penn Violence Prevention are always a resource for those affected by sexual violence, dating violence, or stalking.