Contact Us

Phone: 215.746.3535 (main office line, 24/7). The automated menu lists all available options including making an appointment, getting in touch with various offices within SHS (like insurance and immunization compliance), contacting the administration, addressing urgent medical issues, and requesting medication refills.

Online Appointment Scheduling: Bypass the phone system and go directly to the web! Click on "Schedule an Appointment" in our main menu for detailed instructions, access the on-line portal directly at (PennKey login required)

If the office is closed and you have an urgent medical issue please call 215.746.3535 and press option 1. Let the operator know you need to speak to the Student Health provider on call. In a true medical emergency, call 9-1-1 (or 5-1-1 from campus phones).

Billing issues or concerns:

Complaints or Other Concerns: If you have any comments about your care, about patient safety issues, or about discrimination concerns, please notify Student Health Service administration by phone at 215-746-3535 or by e-mail at The Office of the Vice Provost for University Life is available by phone at 215-898-6081 if the Student Health Service cannot resolve your concerns. You may also contact The Joint Commission online at or via e-mail at Questions or complaints about Penn's Nondiscrimination Policy should be directed to the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs, Sansom Place East, 3600 Chestnut Street, Suite 228, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6106 or by phone, at (215) 898-6993 (Voice) or (215) 898-7803 (TDD).

MEDIA INQUIRIES: Reporters/journalists should not contact SHS directly. Press photos at SHS are not allowed without prior appointment and approval. Please visit for contact and additional information.


SHS Location

Student Health Service
3535 Market Street (36th and Market)
Suite 100 (floor 1)
Philadelphia, PA 19104

SHS is 2 traffic lights north of the Penn Bookstore. We are accessible via public transportation, including the 34th and Market stop on the Market-Frankford Subway (the "El") and the 36th and Sansom stop on the #10 trolley. We are just blocks from two of our University hosptials: Hospital of University of Pennsylvania and Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.

SHS is located in the 3535 Market office building at the corner of 36th and Market. If you see Subway Sandwiches, PNC Bank or FedEx you are in the right building.

Our office, suite 100, is on the first floor, above the ground and mezzanine levels. From the elevator lobby, press 1 to summon elevator car �" the screen tells you which car to take (A, B, C, etc). Watch for your assigned car to arrive (don't take the other ones - they won't stop on your floor). Enter the assigned elevator… No need to press any button again upon entering the elevator. Exit the elevator at level 1. Use your PennCard to open the door to our main lobby.


Important Numbers

Main Line for SHS

Fax: 215-746-0800

Pill Refill Line215-746-1020
Medical Records


Fax:  215-746-0847



215-746-3535, Option #3
Fax: 215-746-0904

Immunization Compliance

215-746-3535, Option #4
Fax: 215-746-0909

Staff Directory


First Name          Last Name                           Email
Mariellen             Benedetto               
Sallyann             Bowman                  
Julia                   Burton (Mills)           
Lisa                    Flaherty                  
R. Adam             Kellis                      
Alice                  Gallagher                 
Kathleen             Kearney                  
Sigrid                  Larson                    
Daniel                 Meyer                     
Deborah             Niles                        
Susanna             Randall                   
Vanessa             Stoloff                       
Amanda              Swain                     
Leslie                 Thompson               
Pat                     Urevick                    


First Name          Last Name                           Email
Christina                Paul                
Nicole                    Otto                
Seema                  Vasu               
James (Jay)          Effrece            


First Name          Last Name                           Email
Janice                   Asher               
Deborah                Mathis              
Joyce                    McNeill              
Connie                  Murphy              
Perri                     Stella                 


First Name          Last Name                           Role                                                 Email
Melanie                Morrison                       Clinical Practice Manager    
O'Keea                Carthorne                      Referral Coordinator             
Erin                     Taylor                             Health Counselor                 
Sandi                   Herman                         Health Counselor                 
Anne                   Cunningham                  Nurse Manager                    
Colleen               Young                            Nutritionist                          
Deborah              Westerling                     Nutritionist                           
Melissa               Bottiglio                          Patient  Care Manager          



Name                                                         Role                                    Email
Giang Nguyen, MD MPH MSCE     Executive Director     
Sallyann Bowman, MD                   Deputy Director          
Erika Gross, MBA, MS                   Director of Finance     
Ashlee Halbritter, MPH                   Director, Campus Health
Lamar Smith                                   Executive Assistant   


First Name          Last Name                           Role                                                 Email
Dennis                 Shinners                   Compliance and Privacy Officer        
Caryn                   Baxter                       Immunization Compliance Coordinator
Rajeena               Philips                       Insurance Compliance Coordinator    
Barbara               Hamilton                    Insurance Compliance Coordinator    


First Name          Last Name                           Role                                                        Email
Deborah               Olson               Account Representative Aetna Student Health


First Name          Last Name                    Role                                                 Email
Ashlee                 Halbritter              Director, Campus Health     
Rebecca              Huxta                   Public Health Specialist       
Toyosi                  Sonyii                   Public Health Data Analyst