Change in eating habits are a normal part of the transition to life on campus. Many students are used to having their meals prepared for them at home, but all of a sudden are exposed to dining halls, new foods, eating as a social activity, and eating under stress.


For many students the transition to student life will involve a small amount of weight gain. More like the "freshman five" than the rumored ten or fifteen. This may result from eating more than you used to, eating different foods, or simply having less time to be active (especially true for former athletes).


For other students, eating can become more disordered in college, leading to weight loss or gain, binge eating and purging, or an unhealthy amount of time spent thinking about food.


If you have any concerns about your eating habits as a student you can be seen at Student Health to discuss them. We have several providers who specifically see students concerned about disordered eating (click on the link to Eating Disorders on the left) though students can make an appointment with any provider to discuss concerns. We also have a Nutritionist on staff who can discuss these issues (see link to left). Another important resource for students with these concerns in the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).