In case of illness or injury requiring emergency transportation, call:

  •     Student Health Services 215-746-3535
  •     Campus Police 215-898-7297
  •     From a campus phone, dial 511

If you think you are too sick to walk to Student Health, you should call us at 215-746-3535. The triage nurse will review your symptoms and need for emergency transportation. If appropriate, she will then notify Campus Police to bring you to Student Health. We may also decide that you should go directly to an emergency room.

If a non-student (e.g. friend, spouse, child or parent) has a medical emergency, notify campus police at 215-898-7333 and then call Philadelphia Fire/Rescue Squad at 911. Adults will be taken to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Emergency Department and children under 17 years to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

In case of illness or injury requiring immediate LIFE SUPPORT, call:

  •     Campus Police 215-573-3333
  •     From a campus phone, dial 511
  •     Philadelphia Fire Rescue 911

When Student Health is Closed:

Emergency service will be provided at the HUP Emergency Room. Charges incurred will not be covered by Student Health but can be billed to your own insurance. The Student Health attending physician on-call will be notified when necessary.

In cases of emergency, or urgent medical need, a provider is always accessible. Even when the Student Health Service is closed (see SHS hours of operation for details), an on call provider can be reached by calling 215-746-3535 and following the prompts for the after-hours provider on-call.