Even healthy people can benefit from preventive medical visits!

At Student Health Services we believe that an important part of our job is keeping you healthy, not just treating you when you are already sick. For that reason we encourage every student to make an appointment for a Complete Physical Exam (CPE) every 1-2 years.

At the visit for a CPE we will do the following:

  • Review your medical, surgical, and family history
  • Discuss your medications and allergies
  • Review your exercise habits, diet, sexual health, and alcohol, tobacco and drug use
  • Review immunizations
  • Do a full physical exam
  • Discuss if any lab work is appropriate
  • Review preventive medical care (see below)

Depending on the age of the patient we can make certain recommendations for continued health. For example in men we will recommend self-testicular exams (for more info click on Men's Health under Primary Care services). For women we will discuss regular gynecologic exams (see Women's Health section). We may also recommend checking certain labs to assess future risk of medical conditions like heart disease.

CPE visits will typically last 30 minutes. To schedule this exam you can call our main number at 215.746.3535 or go online. Click on Schedule an Appointment above for more info.

For more information on staying healthy, you can also visit the website for Campus Health Initiatives, which has numerous programs and services aimed at keeping University of Pennsylvania students as healthy as possible!