Instructions for Submission of Health Information Fall 2017 and Spring 2018

The University of Pennsylvania requires all incoming full-time and all students living in campus housing to be compliant with these requirements. Students will submit this information via a secure website.

The deadline for submitting immunization records for incoming Fall 2017 students is July 1, 2017.

Before beginning, you must have an active PennKey.
For PennKey Setup instructions, go to

Step 1: Complete the first 3 online forms

  • Go to
  • Log in with your PennKey, password, and birthdate
  • Click on FORMS and complete the following forms (you might need to have a parent or someone who knows your medical history next to you while you answer the questions.
  1. Notification of Privacy Practices
  2. TB Risk Screening
  3. Health History

Step 2: Visit your medical provider

  • Bring your Immunization Worksheet, which was mailed with this letter.
  • Have your medical provider complete the Immunization Worksheet.
  • The worksheet must include your provider's name, title and phone number.
  • The medical provider must SIGN the form.
  • Also ask your medical provider for a copy of your full immunization records.

Step 3: Complete the online Immunizations Page

  • Go back to
  • Log in with your PennKey, password, and birthdate.
  • Click on FORMS and choose Immunizations Page.
  • Enter your past immunization information into the electronic form, using your Immunization Worksheet as a guide. Proceed immediately to Step 4.

Step 4: Submit your immunization documents

  • Scan or take high-resolution photos of your signed Immunization Worksheet and other immunization records (please make certain the copy is legible). Upload by clicking the button "Add immunization record" on the Immunizations Page
  • If you are finished, click the button "Submit Final"
  • If you have any problems, please contact the Immunization Compliance Office.

    For your medical privacy, do not email records to us. To comply with United States HIPAA regulations, we will communicate with you about your records through Secure Message.

    Go to for instructions on Secure Messages. If you don't have access to this system yet, please call 215.746.3535, press option 4 then 5.


    • Has your healthcare provider completed the Immunization Worksheet, including signing/stamping and contact information?
    • Have you gotten copies of original records/blood test reports with your Immunization Worksheet?


    The Immunization Worksheet
    The immunization requirements
    Materials In alternate languages

    Penn Key information

    Frequently Asked Questions for Submission:

    Why do I need to do this online and send my records as well?Students enter this information into our systems in a process similar to insurance waiver information. The uploaded documentation is necessary for verification purposes.
    Why send copies of the original immunization records and the Immunization Worksheet?The purpose of the Immunization Worksheet is to simplify the information to help students enter it correctly. We still need copies of the original documents to verify the online information. They also provide a richer level of medical information.
    Why can't I upload the records first?If we receive your records without completing the online immunization form, there's nothing for us to verify. Eventually this will have to be entered by our staff manually and this great slows down the process for the student.
    I don't have a healthcare provider to fill out the Immunization Worksheet.If you have copies of your original immunization records, but are not able to get the Immunization Worksheet completed, we'll accept and process them without the Worksheet but it will cause a delay. You'll still need to submit the online form using these records.
    Why can't I just have my healthcare provider send you the Immunization Worksheet and other records?Because students MUST complete the online forms first or it delays the processing.
    What happens if I miss the deadline?It will create a delay in processing your records. This can affect your compliance status in the fall and you may be placed on registration hold.
    I want to send all this before the deadline, but I'm still receiving my shots. What should I do?Send the information you have before the deadline. You can always add more uploaded records later. Contact our office at 215 746 3535, option #4, to let us know you are sedning new records.

    Frequently Asked Questions for Immunization