Welcome, Newly Admitted Penn Students,

to Student Health Service!

Congratulations on your acceptance!  We look forward to your visiting our campus. This page highlights our services and gives you overview of the insurance and immunization compliance processes that apply to students once they commit to Penn.

The mission of the Student Health Service (SHS) is to promote the health and well-being of students of the University of Pennsylvania. We do this through clinical services provided by Student Health and our public health division, Campus Health. Student Health provides quality health care that is accessible, affordable, culturally-sensitive and student-focused. Campus Health provides the entire Penn community with health education and promotion, disease surveillance and prevention, and policies that make the healthy choice the easy choice. We invite you to explore website and our other social media sites to learn more about Student Health and Campus Health.

Our services include Primary Care, Women's Health, Travel Care, Sports Medicine, Allergy Desensitization, Immunizations, Nutrition and more!

All full-time students are eligible to use SHS through having paid the Clinical Fee, which is automatically charged with tuition. Most services are provided without additional fee and we do not charge your health insurance.

Medical Conditions?

Students with pre-exisiting medical conditions who want to discuss options for care are encouraged to e-mail our Nurse Manager, Anne Cunningham, at annec@upenn.edu.

Health Insurance Requirements

All full-time Penn students must be up-to-date with required immunizations and must carry adequate health insurance

Immunization Requirements - due July 1, 2017

As a condition of enrollment, the University of Pennsylvania requires all incoming students to be immunized against certain diseases.

Insurance - Enrollment/Waiver Process opens July 1, 2017

All full-time, dissertation, or exchange students here for one (1) semester or more must carry adequate health insurance that meets certain criteria. Penn offers an insurance plan (PSIP) that is underwritten by Aetna for those students who don't have insurance. Please pay special attention to the insurance waiver requirements if you currently are insured through a HMO or an out of state Health Insurance Exchange plan.