Working Group for LGBTQ Student Health


Top Row from left to right: Liz Manai, Erin Taylor, Dan Meyer, Giang Nguyen
Bottom Row from left to right: Julia Burton; Perri Stella, Sigrid Larson, Ashlee Halbritter
(Not all Working Group members were present for the photograph)

The LGBTQ Working Group oversees planning and protocols specific to the needs of LGB/Q and Transgender patients at the Student Health Service. The group's activities include but are not limited to: review of best practices and creation of protocols/visit templates, collaboration with campus partners and patients/students, advocacy with health insurance contractors, education of the SHS staff on LGBTQ issues, education of the broader university community about LGBTQ health issues, and scholarly work related to LGBTQ health. The Working Group also serves as a point of contact for concerns regarding LGBTQ health services at SHS.  Click here for the main SHS page describing LGBTQ Health Services.

SHS LGB/Q and Transgender Competent Staff

All SHS staff receive training on inclusive care for LGB/Q and Transgender patients.
The following staff are members of our LGBTQ Working Group and have
expanded expertise and interest in this aspect of care.


Melissa Bottiglio, MSW
LGBTQ Care, Counseling [She-Her-Hers]


Julia Burton, Nurse Practitioner
LGBTQ Care, Primary Care, Gynecologic Care [She-Her-Hers]


Ashlee Halbritter, MPH
Director, Campus Health [She-Her-Hers]

Trudy Kao, Nurse Practitioner
LGBTQ Care, Primary Care, Gynecologic Care [She-Her-Hers]


Sigrid Larson, MD
LGBTQ Care, Primary Care [She-Her-Hers]


Liz Manai, RN
LGBTQ Care, Travel Health [She-Her-Hers]


Judith Max, Receptionist and
Sexual Health Counselor

LGBTQ Care [She-Her-Hers]


Joyce McNeill, Nurse Practitioner
LGBTQ Care, Gynecologic Care [She-Her-Hers]


Dan Meyer, MD
LGBTQ Care, Infectious Diseases,
Primary Care [He-Him-His]


Giang Nguyen, MD, MPH
Executive Director, Student Health Service
LGBTQ Care, Primary Care [He-Him-His]


Perri Stella, Nurse Practitioner
LGBTQ Care, Gynecologic Care 


Amanda Swain, MD
LGBTQ Care, Primary Care, Gynecologic Care,
Travel Health, Primary Care Sleep Medicine


Erin Taylor, Sexual Health Counselor
LGBTQ Care [She-Her-Hers]

[Photo unavailable]

John Laury, CRNP
LGBTQ Care, Primary Care [He-Him-His]

[Photo unavailable]

Rebecca Poland, Medical Assistant
LGBTQ Care [She-Her-Hers]

Representing CAPS
(Counseling and Psychological Services)

Cyndy Boyd PhD
Laura Kay Collins LSW
Brittan Davis PhD
David Glassman PsyD
Jacob Glickman MA
Heather Hersh PsyD
Matt LeRoy PsyD
Emmie Matsuno
Julie Mullany PsyD
Benjamin Pierce

Representing the LGBT Center

Erin Cross PhD

Penn Student Health is recognized as an