Although there are some documented deleterious effects of marijuana use on one’s health, many believe it is no more harmful that alcohol and even tout it’s medicinal effects. Here is what you should know if you choose to use marijuana as a recreational drug.
1)      It’s illegal. You could be arrested and fined and even spend time in jail for large quantities. It will go on your record.
2)      It makes you sleepy and lowers your inhibitions.
3)      It reduces coordination and impairs judgment.
4)      It impairs short term memory and reduces comprehension.
5)      It can cause paranoia and hallucination
6)      It causes worsening of anxiety and panic attacks as the drug wears off.
7)      It causes psychological dependence
8)      It enhances cancer risk, specifically lung cancers and oral cancers
9)      It diminishes sexual pleasure (this can be a long term ill effect of habitual marijuana use)
For more information about alcohol and drug related issues contact CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services) at 215-349-5490 or First Step (the Office for Alcohol and Other Drug Program Initiatives) at 215.573.3525.