Registration Holds

The University of Pennsylvania requires that all full time students are fully immunized. Any student not complying with these requirements will have a block placed on their registration.

A student will be placed on hold for:

  • Not submitting the immunization history and/or  completing the TB screening form online.
  • Not a completing the required immunizations.
  • Not providing SHS with documentation of immunization records submitted online.
  • Failing to keep a scheduled immunization appointment at SHS.
  • Failing to provide SHS with documentation of an appointment elsewhere.
  • Failing to respond to a request from the Immunization Compliance Office, such as to make an immunization appointment or provide information.
  • Failing to return to have PPD results read within the prescribed time frame.

    How to get off hold temporarily:

    • If you haven't submitted your immunization records, you must do this. Please go to Here you'll find instructions on how to submit your immunization history. This is a multi-step process.  Please start at step 2. 
    • Schedule an immunization appointment at SHS by phone at 215 746 3535 or online at
    • Schedule an immunization appointment with a private health care provider (you will have to submit written proof of the appointment to the Immunization Office).

      IMPORTANT: If you fail to keep a scheduled immunization appointment at SHS or with your private provider, you will be placed back on hold until you have fully complied. Please note: If the hold is replaced onto your registration, any changes you have made to your class schedule may be deleted.

      * Students who abuse this system by making multiple appointments for the same immunization will not be removed from hold and will be blocked from making online appointments in the future.

      How your registration hold is removed:

      Most holds are removed within 24 hours of your meeting the requirements. Please note that holds are not removed automatically.  If you wish to have the hold removed as soon as possible, please contact the Immunization Compliance Office (215 746 3535, menu option 4). Holds are removed during regular Immunization Compliance Office hours (9am-5pm Monday-Wednesday, 10:30am-5pm Thursday and 9am-5pm on Fridays during the normal academic year, however these hours are subject to change). Please call the Immunization Compliance Office at 215 746 3535, menu option 4 to speak with a member of our staff.

      You may obtain any required immunizations at the Student Health Service or you may elect to see another health care provider (and then provide documentation of the immunization to our Immunization Office).

      You may schedule an immunization appointment at Student Health Service by calling 215 746 3535. If a private provider updates your immunizations, please submit documentation to our Immunization Office within 3 days of your appointment to avoid being placed back on registration hold.

      You may fax your documentation to the Immunization Office at 215 746 0909.