A variety of gynecologic, contraceptive, and counseling services are available at Women's Health.  Student may pay for services by either paying with cash, writing a check, or charging the fee to their Bursar account.  Click Here to learn more about the clinical fee for students who are not participating in a Student Health insurance plan.

Women's Health Service Available Student Health Insurance Plan Other Insurance Plans (Parental, Private, Etc)
Annual Exam & Pap Test

 Pap Test

No Charge
Management of Abnormal Pap Tests
No Charge
$500 with biopsy
STI Screening Tests
STI Screening Tests
No Charge
Varies $10-70
Rapid HIV Testing
No Charge No Charge
STI Treatment
Oral Medications
Varies Varies
$30 and up $30 and up
Pregnancy Testing
Urine Pregnancy Test
No Charge No Charge
Emergency Contraception
Emergency Contraceptive Pills and Counseling
$15 $25

Evaluation of Common Gynecologic Complaints
No Charge No Charge with Paid Clinical Fee
Contraceptive Counseling
Birth Control Pill Start
No Charge No Charge with Paid Clinical Fee
Depo Provera Start

Counseling & Medication Cost -$60

Cost reimbursable through Insurance

Counseling Cost- No Charge with Paid Clinical Fee

Medication Cost- $60

Diaphragm Fitting

$60 Billed to PSIP

$60 Billed to Bursar
Sexual Health Counseling
Counseling for Variety of Sexual Health Needs
No Charge No Charge with Paid Clinical Fee