All workshops typically start in week 3 of the term

Organic Chemistry: 241, 242

  • Workshop Leaders are selected by the Organic Chemistry Coordinator
  • Each section of the course has a designated workshop time and leader; speak to your faculty member to determine your schedule
  • Each section has one 60 minute session is held weeky on Sunday
  • Students apply course material by working in small groups solving problem sets


Fall 2019 Schedule: TBA 

  • Facilitator selected by department faculty
  • Workshop leader holds one 60 minute session per week
  • Attendees will work together to apply material in practice problems

NURSING 163, 164

     Fall 2019 Schedule: TBA 

  • Facilitor is selected by the Nursing School faculty
  • Workshop leader holds two 60 minute review sessions per week 
  • Two-hour exam preparation sessions are held prior to midterm and final exams