Matriculating undergraduate students can request a peer tutor, if available, for weekly one-hour sessions for courses not offered in Satellite Tutoring Centers (Fall & Spring).  Students MUST be registered in the course for which they request tutoring.  An undergraduate student can request a private tutor for a maximum of two courses per semester.

  • Step 1: Interview
    An interview is required before a weekly contract tutor assignment can be made. The purpose of the interview is to determine the student's needs and to inform the student of tutoring procedures. During the interview, the student will be asked to review and sign a tutee contract for tutoring. The contract outlines what is expected of the tutor and tutee and authorizes free tutoring for one-hour per week for the remaining weeks in the semester.

  • Step 2: Assignments Coordinator
    After an interview appointment with the Assignments Coordinator is confirmed, the interview will take place in The Tutoring Center office located in 220 S. 40th Street, Suite 260 .

  • Step 3: Notification
    Contingent upon availability of a tutor, tutees will be notified by email after the interview of the tutor assignment. The assignment e-mail will give the tutor's name, phone number, e-mail address, and contract hour option. If a tutor is not readily available, you will receive an email regarding the progress of the search.  Appointments to request a weekly contract tutor will be available starting the week of September 10, 2018.

Forms for weekly contract tutoring