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About Us

VPUL Technology Services work to provide VPUL with best-in-class student and administrative information systems and desktop computing equipment. The group offers a variety of technical services to ensure technology facilitates the work processes of divisional offices; the group also works to develop collaborative relationships to ensure that technologic projects are developed and delivered in an integrated fashion. The central goal of VPUL Technology Services is to create and maintain a supportive environment, in which technology advances the imperatives of the division and the University.

VPUL Technology Services ensures the technology and information needs of the division, and those of its partners, are wholly satisfied.

VPUL Technology core objectives are:

  • Technology Management Plan
  • End-User Support
  • Networking Technologies
  • Database Technologies
  • Web Technologies
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation

VPUL Technology Services is a one-stop shop for all technology needs for the Division of University Life. We have a comprehensive networking infrastructure that provides centralized storage for data. Centralized storage provides the starting block for shared files for offices and teams as well as secured spaces for sensitive data and databases. Database technologies are also supported by our team, and there are many very robust systems as well as smaller departmental systems, some of which are fed data from Penn's central DataWarehouse. The reliance on the web for providing services, data, and information is also another area of expertise for us.