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Networking Technologies

Networking Technologies allow us to provide and maintain a network to connect VPUL to a centralized network.

VPULTS has Database Technologies that provide storage and support database applications. We organize, develop, and select systems that enable us to collect, report, backup, and archive system data efficiently. VPULTS installs, configures, and renews systems on our servers. We also install, upgrade, remove client software. VPULTS monitors performance of networks and enhances performance for faster use, which include troubleshooting network conncections, activity, services, and OS. Configuring and maintaining user access is also an essential part of our mission.

Administration of daily compact and repair of CAPS critical system, daily imports of SRS data to various systems, and daily exports of data from Scheduler Plus to Penn Web Calendar is vital to our success. We also handle requests for Crystal Reports, run Ad-hoc report requests for data from Data Warehouse, run Ad-hoc request for SQL queries, and run complement systems via web integration.

Inorder to eraticate any vulnerablities in our systems we constantly maintain and deploy Microsoft patches/updates, enhanced laptop Security and recovery software such as Computrace and PGP Encrypt, Firewall maintenance, computer virus maintenance, policies via Active Directory to ensure security of system on PennNet.

All critical systems strictly adhere to University Policy with security put at the forefront of all activities ensuring the protection of SPIA and SSN.

We manage access to PennNet for VPUL and Student Groups for both wired and wireless connection and we also manage Penn Community for Trio Programs and Guest Accounts

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