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VPUL Technology Services Helpdesk

Many of you know VPULTS as "3-TECH" or 3-8324. In the past, we provided the ability for anyone calling this line to leave a voicemail message concerning a non-emergency problem. In addition, there was a short message concerning staff to hang-up and redial another for immediate assistance with an emergency. In response to complaints about this system, changes have been made. 3-TECH or 3-8324 has been reconfigured so that staff are automatically redirected to the emergency line (no more redialing) by pressing 1, and there is a brief message about submitting all other requests online as leaving a voicemail is no longer an option. All non-emergency issues should be submitted via our online forms at (navigate to "Getting Help" and then select the appropriate option).

We hope that this provides a more streamlined means to get help immediately when there is an emergency; as well as allow our systems to efficiently process other requests. What is an emergency? An emergency is defined as an incident where technology is hindering or impeding one's ability to complete immediate work as it relates to their respective job functions.

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