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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment and Mitigation techniques are necessary to maintain integrity and security of data.

We access risk from these various potential problems that may cause our servers or our desktops to be unavailable: power outage of entire campus, building, subnet, or office, PennNet Outage, hardware breakdown, software breakdown, fire, bursted pipe, and overheathing.

VPULTS assesses and remediates any system, Servers, Desktops, or Laptops, that is attacked or fails due to un-remediate vulnerabilities through the use of virus protection such as Symantec Managed Server and patches and OS service packs.

Data backup and recovery is an integral part of our objectives. We use LAN Technologies Contract with ISC/SunGard, perform nightly backups of data located on servers both onsite and off-site, and perform continuous backups of select group.

VPULTS also recovers files via desktop software and with ISC intervention. In case of any disaster, we are able to restore quickly any information that may have been lost.

We use Hardware Firewalls Management for our servers and Software Firewall Management for both our servers and desktops in order to enhance security.

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