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**Tutor Application is closed until next Fall**

West Philadelphia Tutoring Project (WPTP) is a program of Civic House at the University of Pennsylvania. We have over 300 Penn student volunteers tutoring students ages 7-19 at local schools and on Penn's campus.

If you are interested in tutoring, please check out the Becoming a Tutor page. Contact us at wptp@dolphin.upenn.edu with any questions!

If you are a parent or guardian interested in having your child participate in our free on-campus tutoring program, please contact Civic House at 215-898-4831 or e-mail wptp@dolphin.upenn.edu and ask to be added to our contact list.

If you are interested in being tutored and are over the age of 19, our program unfortunately cannot accommodate your needs, but please check out these other resources within Philadelphia that are available to you.

Important Dates Spring 2015

  • 2/08/15        On Campus Tutoring Starts
  • 2/09/15        Off Campus Tutoring Starts
  • 2/16/15        No Tutoring - President's Day
  • 3/07/15 - 3/15/15     No Tutoring - Penn Spring Break
  • 4/1/15 - 4/3/15    No Tutoring - PSD Spring Break
  • 4/5/15            No On Campus - Easter
  • 4/29/15        Last Day of Tutoring

*Please remain in touch with your Executive Board member throughout the semester for information regarding emergency closings*

View our Introduction to Effective Tutoring powerpoint from NTO Spring 2013 and our tutoring resources packet! Check out the WPTP Spotlight!


WPTP Chair: Lauren Rosenstock

CIVIC HOUSE TEL: (215) 898-4831 .:. FAX: (215) 573-3665