*Working Mission Statement, Drafted September 2016*

The PAB community engages in meaningful social justice work by prioritizing the voices and needs of those impacted by injustices, cultivating sustainable community partnerships, and facilitating collaborative learning. We provide students with the tools to explore their identity and how it affects their position in the communities we work with and in society as a whole. By integrating education, reflection, and direct service, we hope to foster an ongoing commitment to social change.


Alternate Spring Break (ASB) was founded in 1990 by a group of Penn students who wanted to give others an opportunity to spend their spring breaks meaningfull engaging in communities around the country and joining local organizations in their work. In 2017, the board elected to change the name of the program to Penn Alternative Breaks to better highlight the mission and the renewed focus on engagment beyond the one week trips. 

Originally PAB participants worked exclusively with Habitat for Humanity, a nationwide organization that confronts the issues of housing and homelessness by building affordable low-income housing. In 1997, ASB expanded its focus to include trips addressing the environment, education, and food justice, incarceration, healthcare and more.

Over the last three decades, PAB has developed into a  successful organization committed to education and social progress. Each year, over one hundred Penn students participate on PAB trips to various parts of the country. Our PAB alumni pool numbers in the thousands!

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