Alternate Break Details: 

Friday, September 28th 2018


Friday, Oct. 12th 2018

Winter Trip Descriptions (January 8th- 14th):

Washington, D.C.

The Pilgrimage is an experiential, service-learning hostel based in the heart of Washington DC. Pilgrimage has worked for years to connect socially-passionate students with impactful organizations serving those that face homelessness and hunger in our nation's capital. Through the Pilgrimage's customized action-reflection program, you will learn about the intersections of criminal justice and urban poverty in Washington DC, as well as engage with direct service organizations in the city. You will be participating in workshops, attending speaker events, and doing various forms of direct service.
This is a Megabus trip and will cost $395.

Reading Partners
Baltimore, MD

Reading Partners, a non-profit organization, has served the Baltimore community since 2012. Since then, it has placed volunteers in low-income schools to support literacy education. This organization strives to bring together various members of the Baltimore community, ranging from leaders of local school districts to Baltimore based corporations, to improve students' academic achievement. Trip participants will spend their days working with students to help them improve their literacy skills, and will also have the chance to learn more about education issues from Reading Partners' employees and partners.
This is a Megabus trip and will cost $395.

Spring Trip Descriptions (March 2nd-8th):

Appalachia Service Project (ASP)
Guyan Valley, WV

The Appalachia Service Project has striven to help low-income families make their homes warmer, safer, and drier since 1969. As such, this trip will address issues of rural poverty, housing insecurity, and cultural divides. Trip participants will spend their days engaging with the community while providing housing repair assistance. In the evenings, participants will partake in ASP's educational activities to learn more about the area and issues that they are working in.
This is a driving trip and will cost $395.

Housing Assistance
Hendersonville, North Carolina

The Housing Assistance Corporation has been serving the communities of Hendersonville, North Carolina since 1988. A private, non-profit organization, Housing Assistance provides safe and affordable housing options for those of limited income. Through the Home Repair Program, Trip participants will support Housing Assistance in its effort to provide relief for individuals with limited income through home repair and construction programs., as well as learn about important housing issues affecting families in the region. The work that you will be learning about and contributing to is home construction and repair.
This is a driving trip and will cost $395.

Asheville Greenworks
Asheville, North Carolina

Curious about the intersection between urban living and sustainable living? Asheville GreenWorks began in 1973 as an effort to clean up and beautify the city, and focused primarily on river cleanup and tree planting projects. You will engage in service projects that teach you about environmental justice, river pollution prevention, and urban forestry. This trip will combine support for ongoing projects in environmental cleanup and tree maintenance with education on issues surrounding environmental justice.
This is a driving trip and will cost $395.

Workers Defense Project
Austin, Texas

The Workers Defense Project (WDP) is membership-based, non-profit organization dedicated to empowering low-income workers to achieve fair employment. WDP is part of a national movement to improve the working and living conditions of low-wage workers, through education, direct services, and community organization. Founded in 2002, WDP has become a leader in fighting for fair working conditions in Texas. You will be supporting WDP with a mix of operational work that feeds the organization's direct service offerings, as well as conducting evening English Learning classes for workers that have recently immigrated to the Austin community. The work you will be learning about and contributing to will include operations and data management, development of advocacy materials, teaching, and workshop facilitation.
This will be a flying trip and costs $495.

East New York Farms
New York, NY

East New York Farms has worked with youth, gardeners, farmers, and entrepreneurs to build a more sustainable community since 1998. It strives to educate the community on food justice issues while also promoting sustainable agriculture and community-led economic development initiatives. Trip participants will serve as farmhands in urban farms, while also experiencing firsthand the power of community organizing. You will learn firsthand about food security issues as well as the importance of food sovereignty across all age groups.
This is a Megabus trip and costs $395.

Sustainability Partner Trip
Northwestern, PA

Penn Alternative Breaks teamed up with Penn Sustainability to create a trip focused on energy and sustainability. This educational opportunity will take students to other parts of Pennsylvania to learn about energy and its extraction. Participants will learn about the issues surrounding hydraulic fracturing (fracking), and discuss the policy implications with local activists and community organizes. Included in the itinerary will be tours of extraction sites and possibly meeting with industry representatives, to assist students in assessing the impact of these industries on local communities. This trip will help students understand the regional energy system as well as the environmental and public health impacts of natural gas.
This will be a driving trip, and will be subsidized at a lower cost TBD.

Broad Street Ministry
Philadelphia, PA

Broad Street Ministry (BSM) strives to uplift and transform Philadelphia by embracing and supporting those who are most vulnerable. As such, they offer a plethora of services to Philadelphia residents. This includes providing people with meals, acting as a mail service, distributing personal care items, offering therapeutic art programs, and so much more. You will work on a variety of service projects with BSM while continuously reflecting on the meaning of social justice and volunteer work. Additionally, this will be your chance to learn more about the city you go to school in outside of the Penn Bubble and inside of the realities of city life.
This trip will be partially subsidized at a lower cost TBD